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Monday, March 7, 2011

St. Francis Cancer Center symposium focuses on total patient care

Butler men’s basketball Coach Brad Stevens among speakers at April 29 event
INDIANAPOLIS – From diagnosis to post-therapy care, a patient with cancer faces an obstacle course of challenges and options. Paramount is orchestrating a comprehensive plan of treatment.
A fully integrated approach is what experts at the Franciscan St. Francis Cancer Center have been forging with others in the medical community. And that is the impetus behind the 2011 Oncology Symposium, Friday, April 29.
The inaugural, day-long event, which will be held at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis, brings together several clinicians discussing a range of cancer topics, including signs and symptoms, screening guidelines, diagnosis, treatment options and side effects, and effective long-term care after treatment.
“It’s vital to enhance the partnership between primary care and oncology,” said Peter Garrett, M.D., medical director for St. Francis Cancer Care Services and chair of the hospital’s Cancer Committee. “The symposium offers an opportunity for primary care physicians, nurses, oncologists and allied health professionals to discuss and explore integrated approaches to improving patient outcomes.”
Garrett, who will moderate the program, will be joined by speakers, including:
David H. Moore, M.D., a member of St. Francis Medical Group (SFMG), specializes in gynecologic oncology. His practice encompasses the most advanced surgical, radiation and medical treatments.
Denise Johnson Miller, M.D., director of the St. Francis Breast Surgery Program, specializes in breast cancer and melanoma surgery. A SFMG member, she has served as principal investigator of numerous trials.
Michael Morelli, M.D., is medical director of St. Francis’ Colorectal Cancer Center of Excellence. A member of Indianapolis Gastroenterology & Hepatology in Indianapolis, he also practices at St. Francis.
Bridget Sanders, M.D., specializes in colorectal cancer surgery. She is a member of Kendrick Regional Center for Colon and Rectal Care in Mooresville, a practice long affiliated with St. Francis.
Luke Akard, M.D., is a hematologist/oncologist and director of apheresis at the St. Francis-based Indiana Blood and Marrow Transplantation (IBMT). Michael Dugan, M.D., is a hematologist/oncologist and leads IBMT’s quality assurance and management efforts. Akard and Dugan specialize in using transplantation to treat diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma.
Imad Shawa, M.D., and Charles Kinsella, M.D., are lung cancer specialists and pulmonologists and practice at Franciscan St. Francis Health hospitals. Shawa also is a member of the Center for Respiratory and Sleep Medicine. Kinsella practices with Southside Pulmonary and Sleep Consultants in Greenwood.
Judith Duniplace, M.D., is an anesthesiologist and specializes in pain management. She’s affiliated with the Institute of Comprehensive Pain Management in Indianapolis.
Another speaker will offer a different perspective – Brad Stevens, head coach of Butler University men’s basketball team. Stevens and his spouse actively participate in cancer awareness programs in the community, including the American Cancer Society’s Coaches’ Huddle Basketball Tournament in May.
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