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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Group acupuncture classes enable many to get point at same time

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – Franciscan St. Francis Health-Indianapolis is now hosting group acupuncture sessions once a month.

Also known as “community acupuncture,” sessions are completed in an open space with several individuals receiving acupuncture at the same time. Patients are fully clothed and seated in zero gravity lounge chairs. Clients complete health history forms prior to their sessions.

Group acupuncture can be a great introduction to acupuncture. The group setting allows family and friends to be treated together, and newcomers can observe a treatment before being receiving services.

Acupuncture can treats a wide range of complaints – from digestive problems to fatigue and pain.

The seminars will take place at Franciscan St. Francis Health in the Women & Children’s Center classroom near the lobby. Group session dates are: July 22, August 26, September 16, October 28 and November 11. Cost is $35 per person, by appointment only.

To learn more or to schedule a session, call (317) 528-5868.