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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mooresville orthopedic surgeon named among best in North America

MOORESVILLE, Ind. – Orthopedics This Week magazine has named Michael Berend, MD, one of the “Top 22 North American Knee Surgeons.”

Berend is a surgeon with Franciscan Physician Network Joint Replacement Surgeons, affiliated with the Center for Hip & Knee Surgery at Franciscan St. Francis-Mooresville.

“When knee surgeons discuss their exemplary colleagues, these are the ones they are talking about … the super elite in the knee world,” the magazine said.
The magazine called the listed surgeons “the most impressive knee surgeons in the country” and noted that “This information was obtained via a telephone survey of thought leaders in the field. The information in quotes is what we heard about these surgeons.”
The magazine further wrote of Berend: “He has done a tremendous amount of research and is a leader in partial knee replacement and also understands what factors correlate with long-term success or failure of primary total knees.”

Berend’s brother, Keith, also was recognized as one of the Top 22. He is an orthopedic surgeon with Joint Implant Surgeons in Columbus, Ohio, and a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Orthopaedics at The Ohio State University.