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Thursday, April 21, 2011

St. Francis Health employees receive training, program grants

INDIANAPOLIS – Funding made possible through Franciscan St. Francis Health will enable five hospital employees to receive additional training in their specialties.

The St. Francis Employee Education Fund provides financial support to non-physician employees for educational opportunities they otherwise could not afford to attend. The fund is intended for specific programs and seminars, not general tuition reimbursement or individual certifications.

Recipients of the 2011 program are registered nurses Laura Colgate, Stephanie Heckman, Melissa Lowder, Maria Smith and Kimberly Swisher.

In their applications, the recipients were required to show how the funding supports the hospital’s goals and mission; who ultimately benefits from the educational opportunity; and if the applicants demonstrate the ability to plan, coordinate or facilitate a quality educational event as a result of their training.

Program funding is administered through the St. Francis Healthcare Foundation. To learn more about the program and the foundation, go to