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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

St. Francis seeks patients for nationwide colorectal cancer study

INDIANAPOLIS – Researchers at the St. Francis Cancer Research Foundation is testing the effectiveness of a human monoclonal antibody in combination with chemotherapy to determine if it will extend the lives of patients with advanced colorectal cancer compared to standard treatments.

The study, PEAK, is open to men and women with inoperable colorectal cancer that has spread and who have not yet received treatment for the disease. The trial is being conducted throughout the United States.

“While colorectal cancer is both preventable and in some cases curable, current treatment regimens, in general, do not offer a potential for cure once the disease has spread,” said Randall Trowbridge, M.D., principal investigator at St. Francis. “We’re pleased to offer patients the opportunity to participate in this study, which we hope will lead to better information on treatment options and ways to prolong the lives for those with the advanced disease.”

Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory fused human cells that can be used to selectively target substances living on the surface of cancer cells and helps tumors grow.

The investigation antibody used in this study, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2006, is Vectivbix®, which is manufactured by Amgen, a California-based pharmaceutical company.

To check on eligibility for the PEAK trial at St. Francis, contact Debra Duvall at 317-782-7820. More information about the nationwide study is at

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