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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Researchers test drug for effectiveness in curbing bone cancer pain

INDIANAPOLIS – Researchers at the St. Francis Cancer Research Foundation are studying the use of an experimental medication’s potential to treat patients having cancer-induced bone pain.

Patients are being sought to participate in a clinical trial testing the use and tolerability of the experimental medication. The Phase II trial, which is being lead by St. Francis cancer researcher Maureen Cooper, M.D., is a double blind, study, whereby neither the patient nor the researchers know if the patient is receiving the actual drug or placebo.

Among the criteria to be considered for the study patients, must have bone-cancer pain resulting from a malignant solid tumor with radiographic confirmation. No initiation of new chemotherapy during the course of the 34-day trial, and subjects may be on other concurrent pain medications.

For more information about qualifying for the trial, call 317-782-7820, contact study coordinator Linda Frazier at 317-833-0068.

More information about other clinical trials under way at St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers is at